Industrial production previously required teams of designers, printers, and manufacturers to produce an annual product. Critiques of these factories say it now takes one underpaid employee ridden by an underpaid supervisor directed by market analysis and investment interest to produce the same. To the most basic of understandings people, equipment, and material have inherent value and cost. The same population analyzed is the same group of people told how to make product in their interest. Internet based infrastructures expedite sourcing of production, marketing, sales, and delivery for innovative and consumer considerate products. The ability for the less represented to create for their self has expanded tremendously. How long have managers, supervisors, overseers, the like, stood as funnels and barriers to great ideas? How long has innovation been stifled by human reluctance and incompetence? How long have issues of representation and misrepresentation propagandize our educational systems, media streams, and public spaces?
This crusade is much more important than the anti-lynching movement, because there would be no lynching if it did not start in the schoolroom. — Carter G. Woodson
These thoughts compelled me to create a production studio. A space to create products sought out but never found. My first creation is a historical calendar with historic events. Crazy, right? After researching more dates than I could fit on one calendar I learned my plan for one calendar would be better suited for multiple. Finding a starting point was made easy by choosing the most demanded calendar I knew not in existence, A Real Black History Calendar. In the creation of this calendar, I found numerous triggering events for all kinds of people, so many I needed a break. Walking my garden, I realized there was more of a story tell. What did the people do? Who are they? What came of these events? Creatives from all walks of life turned experiences into invention, entertainment, satire, and well documented roles in America’s story. A woven tapestry of death and life, struggle and perseverance, sorrow, and fortitude in display for generations.

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