In their creative odyssey, Kyle Epps passionately embraces freestyle art, allowing unbridled creativity to flow without constraints. This approach invites the unexpected, performing as a conduit for humanity's profound desire to create, destroy, rebuild, and seek transcendental meaning. Drawing inspiration from the present moment, their surroundings, and saturated emotions, MR. Epps' work weaves a powerful gestural language, intricately uniting a diverse tapestry of human experiences. Their vision goes beyond traditional boundaries, reminiscent of transcendental art, delving into the sublime and the spiritual, offering a glimpse into the ethereal. Their art becomes a transcendental journey, fostering deep connections with the imperceptible and ideas of multiplicity.
Anchored in altermodernism, their work mirrors our ever-evolving world, where conventional distinctions blur. It seamlessly blends past and future, celebrating the interconnected human experience. Their art empowers viewers to break free from conventional norms, unleashing a new era of artistic exploration.
Through their study of the historic, the artist extracts lessons to better inform the present and the future, unveiling the evolving lexicon of art. This artistic voyage beckons scholars to delve into its transformative potential, unveiling the evolving language of art and the interconnected tapestry of our contemporary world.
As a Richmond native, dedicated land steward, and passionate cultural advocate, Kyle Epps brings a wealth of knowledge to their artistic practice. A proud graduate of VCU, they have remained a lifelong student of art, history, and science. Their impressive journey spans from published scholar to award-winning artist, with features in a range publications. Now, married with children, the artist seamlessly blends their diverse interests to inspire and foster  greater harmony amongst people and their surroundings.
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