Behind the depth of efforts and focused time in present pursuits the history of life performs. Performance demonstrating humans' natural need to create, destroy, rebuild, and seek greater also show individuals leaving their mark. Mark making in the broadest of descriptions analyzed to gestural language becoming a unique window into human conscious and subconscious. Art then, a gestural language, is not only creations from artists but statements by people delivering in the moment accounts of past, present, and future potentials. Paintings by a melanin-rich Virginian illuminate human and Virginian experiences in every completed stroke. The source representing the work as much the work representing the source. These works are exhibits of all the artist has held living an African-diaspora, Native, Black, and Post-Colonial Antebellum American experience thus far. Fulfilled creations display layers of material and gesture presenting more than aesthetic achievement being live venues of expressive dialog holding history, culture, and life.
Born 1985 the second-born child of an activist art teacher and cultural enthusiast surround by creativity and knowledge, the young artist received endless books and supplies while attending festivals, museums, and classes. Impactful exposure leading to studies in Sociology, African & African American History, along with Economics prior to entering Virginia Commonwealth University was fundamental toward future creations. Through the years at VCU they created commissioned and original works for peers, locals, restaurants, schools, then galleries covering a variety of interest while working and attending classes for a Bachelor of Fine Art degree received in 2008. Soon they began teaching art, fulfilling commissions, and working privately. Through the years the artist won and participated in competitions, exhibitions, showcases, and festivals. Now married with children the artist continues to explore new ideas and approaches for creation sharing perspectives through expressive, illustrative works.
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