Considering history, America's culture has far to long been divided by two separate experiences, black and white. Ignoring the vivid spectrum of life this land offers, our country is culture blind. Where the bridge between life and culture is made clear by the actions of individuals, many actions are plagiarized, erased, ignored, or hoarded for individual ambitions including fantasized supremacy. Possible historic steps toward growth and reform manipulated and separated from innate societal impact. International plans for human rights, global welfare, and environmental reform proven less when compared to tangible enterprises. The marks in this series seek to reconnect culturally mistreated, disjointed, and abstract ideas. Angst leads viewers to bring logic to chaotic images causing personal questions and conversations. Through the sharing and discussion of these thoughts connections between ideas, identities, and cultures develop. Expanding the experience audiences find new revelations appreciating shared perceptions.

Currently displayed are 8 works in a growing collection
with 3 percussive studies for reference.
*Please note the bottom three works are studies leading to the series, not part of the series. After drawing the actions of a drummer I playfully manipulated the illustration digitally to reveling a percussion performance or drum set. Totally surprised by the outcome I began to see how marks reflected life or came from living guiding me to these visual discussions.*

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