"From Colored Boy to Hued Man" is a comprehensive exhibition inviting viewers on a visual journey exploring the spiritual emancipation of southern artist Kyle Epps during the early 21st century. These works span nearly 20 years of their professional career from its emergence to present day.
Through a captivating collection of artworks, this exhibition delves into the artist's search for creative merit in American society. The exhibition showcases the evolution of the artist's personal growth and cultural identity, from their early experiences as a “colored boy” to their recognition as a “hued man” (human). With a diverse range of mediums and techniques, Mr. Epps skillfully takes us through a thought-provoking visual journal where each work becomes a powerful narrative, enticing viewers to reflect on their own perceptions and understandings, as well as the ever-changing nature of society.
This virtual experience transcends the boundaries of mere aesthetic appreciation exploring the complexities of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of creative expression in a world constantly evolving. This is a platform for contemplation and dialogue on themes of identity, race, societal progress, and so much more. The artist's profound symbolism and evocative imagery invite viewers to engage in meaningful explorations of their own journey towards personal and social freedom in a world governed by shifting majorities.
Join us as we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Kyle Epps where art becomes a vehicle for introspection, empathy, and a celebration of the human spirit's resilience.

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