Expressing emotional thoughts has long been complicated by perceptions and presentations. Perceived either as too loud, too bold, too real --- too much for whatever reason --- many experiences are clouded with narratives disconnected to the viewing audience. Approaching the same ideas from different angles, these works are abstract windows into Black American culture. Views into a jagged life in vivid colors and earth tones with clear separations supported by subtle contrasts. Many audiences are surprised by their connection to abstract imagery from a different perspective.
The sculpture, Celebrating Richmond (No Title Necessary/Foundations), is the crescendo of this body of work. Viewers show honor and appreciation to the land making Richmond great as hand refine clay is presented on a pedestal in an art gallery. Children and adults free from interactive guidance and barriers found reverence for the very soil walked on to enter the viewing space. A building block of culture and society, Richmond's land was the reason for settlements, wars, institutions, and so much more. Soil sourced from different Richmond sites was worked to create several recognizable images before reaching a resting state. The clay blocks presented in the image reference the cobblestone and brick blocks paved to streets and laid for foundations. The colloidal matter at the base references the ceramic arts and constructions of the areas indigenous. The open space above represents the possibilities yet to develop from human interactions with the earth.

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