Prior to large media coverage of prejudice and discrimination against melanated communities in the early 21st century, acknowledgment and repentance for the imposed struggles of Post-Colonial Antebellum South "Blacks" was considered out-dated and fully accomplished. It was believed America had purged racism from its culture, but melanin-rich people of the workforce did not experience that revolution. Many experienced racial discrimination and prejudice so impactful they changed appearances in belief of gained and maintained employment. Privately, off-the-clock those same people removed wigs, layers of clothing, and other masking techniques changed to their true self for a few moments of comfort.
Being one of these people the artist shared conversations of struggle, success, and what kept them going. These works are products of those interactions. Images of what makes those homes a refugee from the double lives lived. Images that make them proud, think, and most importantly, images that allow the reflection on past actions with belief of making a better future and present.

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