*Please note all prices may increase during high demand seasons.
(Examples - Holidays, Black History Month, travel/tourist sessions)

Public speaking events & demonstrations range in time and preparation but are catered toward large groups. Demonstration times range from 2-5 hours depending on the audience and subject. Public speaking events and interviews do not have a set time, however lectures requiring visuals generally take 2 weeks to a month in preparation for the gathering of materials.
Previous Topics
Creating from a Legacy of Black Art (Lecture)   $1000 -  1 hr
What's Real About Abstraction? (Lecture & Demo) $300 - 1 hr lecture, $800 w/ demo
Techniques in Realism (Lecture/Draw/or Paint)  $250 - 1 to 2 hr, $700 w/ demo
Theories in Color & Culture (Lecture & Demo)   $300/hr, $750 w/demo
*All lectures and prices are catered to each specific audience. Demographic info is required. Travel & lodging not included.

Guided paint &/or clay events include all material ( brushes, prepared canvas 11" x 14", easel, paints or air dry/oven dry clay, ceramic tools). All guided paints/ceramics are theme based. Prepared canvas can be pre-drawn to aide the client in developing their final image. Participants go home with a completed work of their creation. Event paintings are no larger than 18' x 24' and are dependent on the event space. Clay creations will be no larger than 6" in any dimension. Carry home boxes will be provided.
Estimate Cost Formula =  (# of people  X  $65  for material) + $250 (+ $50 per prep canvas)
* Travel & Lodging is an additional cost as required

Performance "Freestyle" Paintings varying in preparation time and duration. Depending on the event, organizer, and host a variety of performance options are available. Live paintings are a minimum 18" x 24" ( max. 4' x 6' for traveling works) requiring a minimum of 1 hr for completion. Artist materials for each performance approximately cost $370 not including labor, travel, storage, and/or lodging. Below is a general listing of estimated prices for live paintings without travel and lodging. (Ownership of work is not included in the below prices.)
Private Events             $700
Public Events               $600
Dress Code Priority    $1000
Non-profit                    $300

Commissioned original works are priced per inch squared. Square inches can be calculated by multiplying the length and width of a chosen piece. This number is then multiplied by the price of the work per square inch to estimate a value for each piece. (Purchases prior to creation of live paintings and at auction vary significantly.)
Estimate Purchase Price = (length x width) x $8 cost per sq inch
*Cost per sq inch may varies depending on the style/technique of work and materials requested.
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